Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hour-By-Hour vol 2

Last time I posted an hour-by-hour, you got to see a workday.  
Today, I documented my relaxing Sunday.

7 am
Admired my amazing 'windswept' hair. 
(I swear I didn't have a fan on)
People pay big bucks for products that achieve this level of styling mastery!
And all I do is sleep.... No wonder they call it 'beauty rest.'

8 am 
Worked out with a buddy
My favorite bird - the Mourning Dove

9 am
Bible time in a comfy coffee shop chair

10 am
My guilty pleasure... Reading magazines with a cup of caffeine.
I cut out articles I like.

11 am
Added some spice to my americano and ran some errands

12 pm 
Caught up on blogs, while the pups chillaxed
 The evil one

The sweet one

1 pm
Greek yogurt with frozen banana, honey and whole grain flakes.

2 pm
Craft time

  More on this project tomorrow

3 pm
Visited my grandparents

4 pm
Listened to stories
5 pm
Said goodbye

6 pm
Admired the desserts at the grocery store

7 pm
Cantaloupe, carrots, pesto and pumpkin bolani bread.

8 pm 
Back in PJs... It's getting sleepy around here

That's all folks! 

P.S. Comments... I'm finally getting better at answering your questions in the comments section.  Does that system work? Do you check back?


  1. That chair does look comfy!! And those desserts look amazing. Yum yum!

  2. Thanks for all the shots of delicious food. I also spend copious amounts of time admiring desserts at the grocery store. They're just so pretty.

  3. 1. I love that you did another one of these! I've been meaning to do a weekend one, but I keep forgetting.

    2. You look adorable in the morning. ::jealous.

    3. Those desserts look yummy, did you get any?

  4. Your lunch looks incredible to me. I wish I could pick it up and eat it right now.

    And that coffee house chair, I admired it thinking, I want something like that for my house.

  5. Those desserts look YUM!! My grocery stores out here never have anything like that!

    The dogs, if you wouldn't have told us which one was the evil one I would have so guessed the tiny one! Little dogs are EVIL!

    I think this system works. If I asked a question I usually check back to see if I got a reply :-)

  6. P.S. Your new buttons at the top do not work on my desktop but they do work on my mac

  7. Charlotte - Oooh! I would love to see a weekend hour-by-hour in your life. Do it! Do it! And thank you for the compliment :) And yes, I brought home three of those lil' brownies in the last picture.

    Lea - Yes, I thoroughly agree. I feel so tricked! She was so deceptively cute when we got her. Now I call her the devil's little helper. Hmmm, it's a sequel... The Curious case of Rachael's Buttons. I will have to figure out what's going wonky.

  8. What a killer day! Could you come meal plan for me for a few days? I want to learn from you sensei...


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