Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Detergent Conspiracy

I originally titled this 'Slow News Day' but now, after reading Molly's blog and discovering 'What the hell?! Wednesdays', this post has found a home.

Let's play a game, it's called spot the type of product. 
In this case, the word 'detergent.'  
Ready? Go!

Exhibit A: 

Has anyone else noticed this?
What the heck? (This doesn't seem like a critical enough situation for 'hell').
It's like the detergent companies didn't want you to know that it was a cleaning agent but the government stepped in and forced them to place the name on the bottle.  And in retaliation, they printed it as small as possible. That's my conspiracy theory at least.

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:
And now you know what kinds of things I think about all day.

Join in!
What's made you say, "What the hell?!" this week?


  1. How did you even notice that?? I like your theory.

  2. Hahahaha, I just sat here and tried to find it on all of these pictures. Your theory is great! This is for sure a "what the hell" moment!

    Thanks so much for linking up, and you should totally check out "Hobo With A Shotgun" if you like "Mystery Science Theater"!

  3. my guess is that you're actually pretty close to right. i'll bet that "detergent" has become a dirty word (pun not intended), at least in marketing and such. as people find out what exactly the chemicals are that are in those, it becomes Big and Scary and you want to avoid detergents because of the phthalates and the sodium laurel sulfates and i think the sulfites are bad too and and and...but it *is* detergent, so it *has* to be labeled as such...just. not prominently.

    at least, such is my guess.

    another fun game -- have you ever gone looking for *ingredients* on those? they're not required to list them all! seventh generation was the only brand i found that did (and of course, they make that into an advertising thing, proclaiming on the bottle "we think you deserve to know everything we put into our products.")

    also, can you tell we're in the process of converting to homemade laundry soaps? =)

  4. wow! I couldn't even find the word detergent on some of these... I've never thought about looking for it before, either, but yeah.

  5. Jessi - I noticed it at my dad's where he has both detergent and softener and I was trying to figure out which was which.

    Katie - Oh good! I'm glad to hear I might have been on the right track here...

  6. First off, I'm feeling kind of dumb for not posting the whole "hop" on my blog. Raise your hand if you're a little slow on the uptake! *molly raises hand*
    I like your conspiracy theory. I can't believe how teeny tiny that font is... yikes!


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