Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Vol 5

It's time for another installment of everyone's favorite Thursday feature (right? right?)

Awesome: Having our own cherry tree!
Awkward: Parking under the cherry tree for two days.
My car literally looks like sh**.

Awkward: Having to ask my hostess what's in various dishes to make sure I can eat it (I'm vegetarian, lactose intolerant {but can take pills for that}, etc).
Awesome: Bonding with my hostess over food intolerances and allergies.
Awkward: Finding cilantro in the salad moments after confessing my visceral gag reflex to the offending herb.

Awkward: Being added on facebook by a co-worker.
Extra Awkward: Being added on facebook by dad's co-worker. Nothanks.

Awkward: Having the magic coffee machine break at work.
Awesome: Getting a new one.

Old one.... New one!

Awkward: The new one doesn't have a plain ol' coffee button (only fancy things like french vanilla and cappuccino).
Awesome: I don't drink plain ol' coffee anyways.

Awesome: Getting a massage.
Awkward: Getting my mosquito bites massaged (dangit! They just stopped itching!)

Awkward: Having some dude accidentally hit my car with a lead pipe.
Awesome: Not finding a dent.
Awkward: Having him cuss me out anyways.

Awkward: Trying to organize my move this weekend (renting a moving vans, hiring guys to move my couch, renting a storage unit, etc) with the scarce internet and no reception I had last weekend.
Awesome: Faja stepping in.  Thannnkkkssss Dad.

Awesome: Getting gifts from my coworker and boss from their respective vacations.
Awkward: Only having a gift from my vacation for my coworker.  Sorry boss-lady...

Awesome: Going to meet Charlotte (in person) today!
Extra Awesome: Getting to see Katie again!

Super sweet: My mom and stepdad taking drastic measures to protect some baby wrens in their nest.
Super sad: Watching a snake slither out of the wren's tree the next day. 

Awkward AND Awesome: Brutharrr's mix this month

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And I love it when you leave your awkward/awesome moments of the week below in the comments!


  1. I get so excited every time I see a new awkward/awesome post come up! And why did the guy that hit your car with a pipe cuss you out? People are crazy!

    Awesome: Having a lady at a store acknowledge that I am pregnant (and not just fat).
    Awkward: Having said lady say in a kind of nasty voice, "Good luck handling two"

  2. Wait a minute - a guy hit your car with a lead pipe (how do you "accidentally" do that anyway?) and HE cussed YOU out? That's not awkward, that's just rude!!

    and yay, I made it into your post!

    Awkward: Standing on the bus, completely confused on how to use the Muni ticket.
    (no awesome, it was just awkward, but the bus driver was nice and showed me.)

  3. Awkward: I'm jealous that you and Charlotte & Katie are hanging out together.
    Awesome: That you and Charlotte & Katie are hanging out together.

    And I agree with Charlotte... How do you "accidentally" hit a car with a lead pipe and then have the gumption to cuss said car's owner out?? RUDE.

  4. Awesome: A realtor who thinks he can finally get our house sold
    Awkward: His first suggestion is getting rid of the green desk I bought & painted.

    Awesome: Fabulous gal helping to stage asks what we are doing with spare crib in daughter's room
    Awkward: long pause while trying to sneak glance at stomach area ... finally asking, uh, ah, is it something you have a need for?

  5. Awesome: Finding a 10x10 Public Storage unit near my house.

    Awkward: Hopping in the golf cart for the manager to drive me to the storage unit for inspection, having him almost drive straight ahead into a wall when he meant to back out of the parking space (what is harder than driving a golf cart?), then driving 20 feet to where the unit was located (he's been working there for a year!)

  6. This is my FAVORITE bloggy post! You are just hilarious and I totally look forward to reading this! Bahhaha too funny about your car love that you took a pic!


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