Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 7

It's Thursday! Make yourself feel better by reading about my mistakes!

Awesome: Feeling 'green' by using my one paper towel to pull out roughly 35 other used paper towels from the garbage and putting them in the compost outside the bathroom door.
Awkward: Looking very un-green to my passing coworker who only saw me dumping 35 paper towels after my trip to the loo.

Awesome: Feeling comfortable enough in my own house to walk to the kitchen while changing.
Awkward: Not realizing we had guests.

Awkward: Setting the departure date (my quitting date) with my boss. 
"Well, when do you want to leave here?" 
"I dunno...when do you want me gone?"

Awesome: Remembering to bring home the extra food we bought in Tahoe.
Awkward: Bringing home food that wasn't ours....

Awesome: Dad letting me borrow his car for the week after declaring mine a death-trap.
Awkward: His fuel gauge reading 'empty' AND his car only takes fancy-dancy premium (read: expensive) gas. 
Awesome: Being given gas money.
Awkward: Filling his car with $60 of the wrong gas.

Awesome: After 6 months of searching, finally finding the perfect fairy shoe.
Awkward: Having the shoe sell out during the less than 24 hours it took for me to exchange an email with a rep about which size to order. 
Awkward x 2: Having the rep tell me they'll never, ever stock this shoe again.**

Awesome: Deciding to quit gambling before I lost ALL of my $11.
Awkward: Only having a $0.20 voucher to cash in.
Awkward x 2: Feeding aforementioned voucher to the cash machine and being given only $0.15 back!
Awkward AND Awesome: Flagging down an attendant and collecting my last 5 cents. 

Awkward AND Awesome: Bunk beds. 'Nuff said.

Awkward AND Awesome**:

Make me feel better about my blunders by letting me know your awkward and awesome moments in the comments below!

*I give up, I'm officially asking for help.  If you know where I can find fairy gold flats, let me know!

** A few of you asked if I liked the new Harry Potter.  YUP! Definite yes.


  1. i look forward to these posts every week. you have the best sense of humor! i wish i knew where to find those shoes for you!

  2. Hahahahaha Yeayyy!

    1) love that you dug te paper towels out to pit them in te compost!
    2)wooopsie about the guests lol
    3)Love the puberty pic too funny!

    This was great!

  3. Awesome: Feeling comfortable enough in my own house to walk to the kitchen while changing.
    Awkward: Not realizing we had guests.

    !!!!! ooooh noooooo! that is the worst awkward ever! I hope you were at least partially clothed...?
    And I'm bummed about the shoes, on your behalf. I know you were really looking forward to those!

    Also, Matthew Lewis? He is a fiiiine looking gentlemen. Glad I can find others who appreciate him! Neville, how I love thee.

    Awesome: Listening to movie soundtracks while blogging - makes it sound EPIC!

  4. I love that you flagged down an attendant for your last 5 cents. That's totally something I would do.
    As for me...

    Awesome: Meeting my brother for lunch.
    Awkward: Having Connor throw up all over my brother & the restaurant.
    Awesome: Not feeling too bad about the said throw up because I paid for lunch!

  5. Ohh! I love those flats! The colour is oh-so divine! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  6. Ahhh, I've definitely done the whole wrong gas thing with my parents' car. I just am not used to such luxury:-) xoxo

  7. Ohhhh Neville Longbottom, the ultimate awkward and awesome! <3

  8. My sister and I have been fascinated with Neville's transformation as well. He may be the fave.

  9. Thanks for your comments (and contributions of awkward/awesomes!) everyone!!!

    twobirds - I'm so glad you look forward to them! That's exactly my hope when I write them. Maybe that's a really obvious thing to say. I just mean, thanks for letting me know that.

    Charlotte - Yes, thank goodness I was partially clothed. Nothing a bathing suit wouldn't cover but it was definitely a moment that neither of us was pleased to meet the other.

    Jessica - Haha! I love your attitude!

  10. Your blog is hilarious! Very witty and I love how you manipulate the photos. I am obsessed with glittery gold shoes too. Here are my favorites I wear them almost everyday. Maybe they'll give you the sparkle you're looking for. They are so bright when the sun bounces of of them

    If you want to see them in action

    hope that helps!

  11. Dawson - Thanks for the tip! Those are just lovely!

  12. I just love these posts!! Enough to attempt a comment via iPhone...
    Awkward: being those parents on flight w/ screaming kid
    More awkward: kid throwing up - twice!- on 2nd half of trip in father in law's fancy car
    Awesome: finally arriving to the beach & starting vacation - & knowing we won't have to travel again for 2 weeks!
    (sorry this was so long!!)

  13. Awesome post! I sympathize about the shoes. There is nothing more important than the right pair of shoes. I'm a size 9 myself, and they never have a size 9.
    And is that really Neville? Hot! I mean, awesome! (Forgot I was married there for a minute--not to mention the fact that he is probably too young for me.)

  14. Stephanie - Oh, that's AWFUL! You poor thing! I hope your beachy trip makes up for the traveling there.
    Sarah - It's okay, I had a mega Ron crush for awhile. He didn't emerge from puberty quite like the Neville butterfly.


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