Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 6

Awkward: Being told to have a good rest of my life.

Awesome: Summer
Awkward: Summer in San Francisco (hello rain and fog and wind). 

Awkward: Being late to meet someone.
Awesome: Being less late than the other person.

Awesome: Meeting bloggers in real life.
Awkward: Blogging about it.

Awesome: Participating in my coworker's reading study. 
Awkward: Being disqualified from my coworker's reading study.
Awesome: Being disqualified because I read too fast.  Booyah.

Awkward: Not finding the original set of keys to my apartment in time for my move-out walkthrough.
Awkward x 2: Wrestling with the moral dilemma of whether or not to draw the landlord's attention to the missing set (thus incurring those hefty lock replacement fees my lease promises).
Awesome: Finding out that they change the locks as a protocol so it doesn't matter.

Awesome: Knowing the answer to a question that came up at a dinner party (specifically whether feta refers to goat or sheep cheese).
Awkward: Having to back down from that knowledge at the risk of offending the host who's sure she's right.

Awesome: Having someone to listen for 20 minutes to the minor trials and triumphs of my day.
Awkward: Finally asking, 'So, how are YOU?' and finding out they're not good.  And dealing with REAL problems.

Awesome: The idea of watching a movie outdoors.
Awkward:  The logistics of watching a movie outdoors.
(Having to wait until dark to start meant I couldn't stay for the whole movie because of my early bedtime and the outdoors is cold!)


  1. Summer here has not been very summery either. Where is the heat and sun?

  2. i love it that you got kicked out of a reading study for reading too fast!!
    -have a good rest of your life!

  3. Reading too fast? That's like saying "you're too smart for us". That's amazing! :)

    I also love the bright blanket you're wrapped in.

    I look forward to your Thursday's every week. THANK YOU.

  4. You look so adorable wrapped up in that blanket.

    And I think you should be proud that you got kicked out for reading too fast. Booyah is right! Show those puny slow readers who's boss!

  5. Hilarious as usual. You all wrapped up is pretty awesome.
    Awesome: Planning a trip to chicago with the hubby - without the kiddos
    Awkward: My babysitter asking for an ungodly sum to babysit over the weekend
    Awesome: Paying it and not feeling any regret

  6. hahahaha. these awkward/awesome posts are effing hysterical. i, too, feel i walk that delicate line on an all-too-regular basis. thanks for making me chuckle this am.

  7. E - NOW we're having a heat wave! And it's not nearly what's happening on the east coast, goodness.

    Again, thanks everyone for your compliments and contributions. It totally makes my day to check in and read another hilarious awkward/awesome!


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