Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Vol 4

It's Thursday, you know the drill!

Awkward: Naming my third installment of the awkward/awesome series 'Volume 2'
Bonus Awkward: Committing said error AFTER having Brutharrr try to point this out.
("But sissles...."        "No, Brutharrr.  You are wrong.")

Awkward: Having a bon voyage lunch out with that one friend who always insists on paying.
Awesome: After losing the standard who-pays argument (as always), giving her a sealed envelope with goodbye letter AND (unbeknownst to her when she took it) the exact amount of my lunch with a note that says 'nice try.'
Clever girl...

Awesome: Being extra careful to lock the bathroom door at a coffee shop by locking it twice.
Awkward: Pushing the lock button twice apparently unlocks it.
Bonus awkward: Finding this out the hard way.

Awesome: Having a friend who doesn't normally keep in touch text me on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!
Awkward: Having that same friend ask to crash at my place in the city on Friday.  Oooh, I get it now.

Awesome: Commiserating with my coworker about how sore we are from our morning workouts.
Awkward: Finding out she's doing P90x.  I shut up about my 'cute' routine.

Awesome: Having your host remember to introduce you.
Awkward: Saying 'No' at the same time the other guest says "Yes" to "Have you met before?"
Guess you have one of those forgettable faces... heh. 

Awesome: Someone wanting to inspect my hat because the stitching is cool.
Awkward: Handing said hat over with giant spider inside of it.

Awkward: Not using enough oil so my omelette is ruined by sticking to the pan.
Bonus Awkward: Using too much so the whole thing slips out of my hands and onto the floor.

Awesome: Brutharrr bought littlest a fairy doll making kit.
Awkward: I had already bought her that last year.
Awesome(?): She lost the one I got her.

Awesome: Going to meet up with the fam for a semi-camping* trip today!
Awkward: The drive is 7.5-8 hours (without traffic).

I LOVE reading your awkwards/awesomes for the week so leave 'em in the comments!

*semi-camping = One room house with electricity but no indoor plumbing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You guys! 
Dry shampoo!!!
Before and After
Why didn't you tell me about it?! This stuff's amazing!
It's like I showered and blow dried my hair.  I may never have to bathe again.
That's why you didn't tell me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend in Pictures...

As promised, some photo documentation of the weekend escapades.

Friday involved a waterslide...
  She made that face EVERY time she slid down (but she assured me she was having fun).
Baby Venus, rising from a waterslide pool

What a gorgeous lil' lady!
Popsicle lightsabers!

....And plenty of sib time....
Commence collective 'Awwwww'

Saturday was the reason for the season, celebrating biggest little turning ELEVEN!
My how the time flies! It seems like just last year she was only 10....

My mother, Jill of all trades, is particularly adept at throwing marvelous birthday parties.
Like any good summer festivity, there was...

...plenty of delicious food...
 The cantaloupe melted on your tongue...

 Mom's famous pumpkin seed dip

Five layer dip
( I made this!  We-eeell... I correctly layered the pre-made 
ingredients that constituted this dish.  Go me!).

...and lots and lots of water fun!

I think the little ladies enjoyed themselves...
Such hams!

Last, but certainly not least, THE CAKES.

These are completely homemade.
See that chocolate beauty? That's the delectable dessert that's ruined all other cakes for me. It's simply divine. This time, mom switched it up and made the frosting out of dark chocolate cocoa powder. 
......There were no leftovers.

Well, that's a peek at what I was up to.... What did YOU guys do this weekend?

Monday, June 27, 2011


Awww, guys! LOVED all your feedback on my recent posts! 

I responded to your questions (and even some 
non-questions) in the comments section.

Did you have a lovely weekend? 
I sure did! 
All four of us sibs got to be together 
(a most rare of occurrences)
for a very special occasion...

More pictures to come...

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Day in Pictures

Wanna see what happens hour-by-hour in one of my days? 
Of course you do!
This was my Tuesday.
Apologies for the picture quality of my cell phone.

6 am 
Woke up & worked out

7 am 
Commuted to work
Footsie on the gas pedal
(Don't worry, I wasn't driving while taking this picture).

8 am
Parked and walked to my local coffee shop
 Such a cheerful sign!

9 am
Chilled with some caffeine
Caught up on blogs, read my bible and
journaled my thoughts (click here for how I made the journal)

10 am
Started work...

....with a snack and a visit to the futuristic caffeine dispensary

11 am
Left my coworker a tiny note
She found it!

12 pm
Met my friend for tea
Delish rose lemon tea

1 pm
Found a tiny present from my officemate and ate lunch
2 pm
Staged the ultimate battle
Starbucks vs. Peet's.

3 pm
Ran errands
Mailed a present to Autumn and got an afternoon snack

4 pm
Walked back to car

5 pm
Commuted home
My companion was cute but I ate him anyways.

6 pm
Grocery run and random chores
I re-astroturfed my backseat (which has been in shambles since this incident)

7 pm 
Prepared dinner and tomorrow's breakfast
Tomorrow's breakfast = egg white + feta wrap (recipe here)

8 pm
Dinner and a movie
Smoked gouda quesadilla + a bit of Tokyo
Drift with Brutharrr and Steven

9 pm  
Caught up on blogs

10 pm
Got ready for bed and read for awhile
I was reading the current Book Club selection of course!

And that's what a pretty typical day looks like for me.
I hope you enjoyed it!
This post was inspired by the A Picture An Hour posts from Miss James (of Bleubird Vintage)

P.S. I actually WORKED too but it wasn't very photogenic....

A Separate Peace

 As I've said before, I think I'd write a very boring review, so I'm not going to attempt it.  
Apologies to Shel Silverstein and John Knowles for this...
What I want to talk about is this guy's STYLE
This book, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, reminded me of The Great Gatsby in that if the story were authored by anyone less gifted with words, I think I would have found it boring.  But I swear, this guy could write a novel about grass growing and it'd be amazing.  I could picture just about any chunk of the novel (aside from dialogue) in fancy script up on a wall, like so...

I mean, the whole thing is POETRY.

At first, I felt like I should be jotting down these really, really well phrased descriptions but then it dawned on me that I'd soon be copying the book in it's entirety.

Have you read this book? What did YOU think of it?

For a quality review, check out the other book clubber's posts here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward / Awesome volume 2

It's Thursday and you know what THAT means... More Awkward/Awesomes for ya! 

Awesome: My local barista pre-preparing 'the usual' for me before I reach the front of the line.
Awkward: Not wanting the usual that day.... Sawwy!

Awkward: Saying hello to my friend's friend and having him not say hello back.
Awesome: Cleverly diffusing the tension by saying, "Hey! Remember that one time I said 'hello' and you ignored me? "
Even more awkward: Finding out he is hard of hearing and very sensitive about it.

Awkward: My eensy-weensy parking spot. 

Awesome: My parking skillz.
 That's millimeters, people, MILLIMETERS!

Awesome: The neighborhood around my work always has lots of dogs to pet.
Awkward: The neighborhood around my work always has lots of dog poop to avoid.
Big dogs = big poops. :(

 Awesome: Father's Day 2011

Awkward: Father's Day 2011
(He wants you to know he wasn't REALLY breaking any indecency laws)

Awesome: Moving on to level 3 of the 30 Day Shred.
Awkward: Having my butt kicked by level 3 of the 30 Day Shred (thank you modified moves)
Awesome: My new big guns.
Awkward: Admitting they're more like Beretta 418 pocket pistols. 
Awkward: This picture

 Awesome: All your responses to my recent posts (I loved hearing your opinions on Super 8 and reading about all your memorable lunchboxes)

Awkward: The local grocery boy thinking I have a crush on him (don't give me that knowing look, sir, it's not my fault you're always the express lane checker when I'm just there for a few items!)

Awesome: Having THREE conferences this week at work (that's three days of free snacks!)
Don't worry, these were for my officemate 
and experimental subject as well.

What about you guys? 
Any awkward/awesome moments this week for you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness Sadness Happiness!

New (to me) lunchbox!

Faded from the winter

NEW-new (to me) lunchbox!

Above photos by Brutharrr
Lunchbox from Brutharrr! 
Thanks, Brutharrr!

Front and back details
Sides details
Safety message (and the original owner)

What was YOUR favorite lunchbox growing up?  
Or are you lucky enough to have a cool one NOW, like me?

Monday, June 20, 2011

No Spoilers

I saw two excellent movies in the past week, one of which I'd highly recommend, but never fear, I wont spoil any plots (I can't claim the same for the trailers, if you choose to watch them).

There's a reason I don't often recommend or review movies on here and that involves a confession.... I'm not a movie person.  I enjoy a good flick just like most people but more as a way to pass the time as opposed to something to really get into.  I connect much more viscerally with books, music or photographs to name a few other mediums.  Of course I've done my share of laughing out loud or shedding an occasional tear in those plush theater seats but these emotions are rarely due to the movie itself as much as the company I was currently keeping or the state of my emotions at that particular point in time.

So I'd like to think that when I recommend a movie, like Super 8, it carries a bit of weight to it.  I'm sure by now you've heard many sing it's praises and I'd like to add my two thumbs up. 
I was highly entertained - impressed by the acting, the special effects, the dialogue, character development, the whole works.  While it's a bit too scary to recommend to someone with little kids, it still had that family atmosphere about it... meaning I wasn't inundated with violence, nudity or swearing.  It's refreshing to see a film that doesn't rely on these crutches to sell tickets.

The other movie that I wouldn't necessarily recommend but thought was fantastic was Beginners
The reason I wouldn't slip you $10 (or $15, depending on where you live) and give you a good shove towards the theaters to see it is because I could tell that the chord it was striking in me was very personal.  It was reminding me of what it felt like those times in my life where the grey sheen was lifted (or before it ever fell), when I felt truly awake and alive.  When I achieve these states, I'm at once overcome with a sadness that I'm not in this mode of heightened awareness at all times while also overwhelmed by the very intenseness of it.  Parts of the movie were slow but it really grew on me by the end.  Again, not really one I'd say you're definitely going to love though.

Did you guys see either of these films? What'd you think of them?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Tribute

Happy Faja's Day, Pops!  
I hope you enjoy watching your boring golf today!

I love you so, so much. 
I don't even know how to begin to thank you for being the best dad ever.  

You taught me how fun life can be.  You're always laughing, pulling pranks, making jokes and telling the best stories.  All my friends have always been jealous.

You showed me what unconditional devotion looked like.  Especially in the little things like how you have always been quick to ask, "Do you need anything?" and then proceed to get me that glass of water, grab me a snack or turn up the heat or air-conditioning, even when you were already in bed.  As I've grown older and I catch myself not feeling like doing that extra nice thing for someone, I realize how much you really went (and still go) the extra mile to make me happy.

You have been a constant source of support.  No matter how I messed up, I know that when I call you, you'll be there for me.  Knowing that, deep down, has allowed me to take risks, to try new things, to live, and to love more fully.

I love you always,
Your Tweety Bird
P.S. Thanks for watching your nighttime shows on your iPad at night so I can live at home again*.

*I sleep between his TV and closet.  

SIDE NOTE #1: After writing this post, I re-read your birthday post and realized how similar they were.  I'd like to think that just hammers home how true the things I wrote are and is not an indication of a slipping memory.  I'd prefer you thought the same.

SIDE NOTE #2: After reading Jen's sweet tribute to her dad which mentions the nifty projects he has made her over the years, I had a 'doh!' moment!  My dad has made the absolute COOLEST things for me including a 2 story, stunning doll house, an amazing fairy mushroom lamp, the sickest collection of forest creatures made from branches and moss to name a few... NONE of which I have a photo of at the moment. 
Another time, I suppose. Le sigh.