Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Dose Of Cute

You're welcome.

Buster getting his bath

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tit for Tat...


You see, Phoebe takes Buster's bed:

So Buster takes Phoebe's bed:
I think he got the short straw here.

Friday, November 26, 2010

This is not a black and white photo.... was a black and white day!

It's starting to get California cold....  As in 55 degrees (brrr!).
All the rain has been driving me indoors to blankets, lattes and music.  When I'm not rocking out to the newest mix by my awesome brother, I've been listening to Call It Off by Tegan and Sara and The Leave Behind by Jeremy Larson.  On repeat.

So tell me, what should I put in my ears when it's cold outside?  What does YOUR winter playlist look like?
P.S. Treadmills! Who knew there were so many types?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Stomach. Hurts.

I am most definitely wearing my most gorge-tastic outfit today. 
Photo by Brutharrrr
This Thanksgiving is special... it's the very first time I've ever cooked for a holiday!  Whenever this fact has been mentioned in the past few weeks, people usually mistakenly thought I meant the turkey.  This seemed like an especially bad idea because, seeing as I have never eaten meat, I'm pretty sure I'd do it wrong and make people sick.  Like, salmonella sick not just bad-cooking sick.
Anyhoo, I made two non-turkey dishes today...
Pear, Mushroom and Pomegrante Stuffing With Onions, Sage and Thyme...


Mashed Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes With Onions....

The ingredients (minus the beans - I didn't end up using those)....

Sautéing the mushrooms, onions, sage and thyme...

 Added the pomegranate juice and bread....

So..... against all logic, I picked another dish I'd never eaten...  At least, as far as my memory serves, I've never had stuffing.  After I pulled it out of the oven, I was asking my dad what to do with all the extra juice at which point I was gently told that stuffing should be generally dry.  Durn....

Note to self: skipping lunch doesn't allow you to eat more.... my stomach shrinks.  Oops.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunol Regional Wilderness... a beautiful place.

Especially for photos.

Especially if your friend should quit her job and be a model.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


10 Cute things, just cuz.

1) 'Cuddle class' seating on airlines?  Darling!

2) I know what I want for christmas.... A tiny toaster necklace!! 

(Oh, you didn't know I'm obsessed with 
tiny things and toasters?  
Well, now you do.)

3. This amazing husband catered to his preggers wife's super-restricted-diet by making fun scenes out of her bland food every day!

4. Video chatting with the littles

5. My brother showed me this last week.... Seriously?!  A dog that puts its dish into the dishwasher, who can clean windows and help you take off your hoodie?  It can close and open doors, put trash in the trash and clothes in the washer and more! {I sound like an ad...}

6. Cute word verification:

7. If you haven't seen this cute, confused little lamb, I suggest it:

8. Cute wet puppy!!!!

9. Cute latte!!!

 10. Cute flashback (my brother and I)

EDIT: I just HAD to add a #11....
This story about a bomb scare
turning out to be a
box of kittens!

P.S. Cool, but not cute:
Epic bed....


Monday, November 8, 2010

 So, I'm a bit frustrated... I only get 4 timed practice tests online with the book I bought and during this 3rd one, my internet cut out when I had 5 minutes left so my math 'score' is way off and not helpful at all.
Anyways, as promised, here's pictures of the hair (and my comfy, non-matching, laze-about-the-house, laundry-day outfit).
Well, hmm.
You'll have to take my
word for it...
It is much redder in person. 

I'm halfway between panic and apathy.  You know that feeling? It's kinda awful.

Any last minute advice?  I'd sure appreciate it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm fairly certain that in the past two days I've negated all money saved as a result of a month of home-made lattes in the process of cramming.  I've blown my paycheck on buttery croissants, foamy lattes and exorbitantly priced veggie burgers as I spend hour after hour in preparation for taking the GRE on Tuesday.

To be more specific (and answer your question Katie), I should say I'm retaking the GRE on Tuesday.  I took it last year (and scored well enough and got into grad school and moved to upstate New York and came back to California and.... well, that's a whole 'nother story).  But last time, after a cursory glance at the math topics covered,  I thought, 'Pish posh! I remember all that!'
Resultantly, I never took a timed practice test.  
 Needless to say, it came down to 3 minutes in which to do 17 (out of 28) questions (GRE = 1.  Rachael = 0.  It pretty much kicked my butt).
I am hoping I can score better this time....

P.S. Dyed my hair. Pictures soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well, this post is quite late but I thought I'd share our fun trick-or-treating night.
The littles were so cute....
  'Spunky witch' and Hermione (from Harry Potter)

We did blondie's hair in braids beforehand so it would be nice and frizzy...

Look at those luscious locks!

Don't let their costumes fool you... they were actually both little angels! They politely thanked everyone after receiving candy, did NOT walk on people's lawns and get this- they didn't eat any candy!  Not without prompting at least.  I felt like the classic devil on the shoulder....
Me: Okay, how many pieces have you eaten so far.
Little: None! 
Me: What? Why not?
Little: I want to make sure I pick a good one for my one treat.
Me: No, no, go ahead... you can have more than one tonight.
Little: Well then, I'd like to make sure my two pieces are my favorites.
Me: I'll let you have more than two pieces if you'll just eat one now!
(I always thought that was the fun of Halloween.... walking around, eating candy whilst you go (in moderation of course)).
Here's the kicker: at 7:30, they both said they felt like their bags were full enough and they would like to go get some sleep now! Wha??!
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture where
more than one person looked good...

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween (and by the looks of several of your posts, you did!).

P.S. The next day, I got a ride to the airport, flew on a plane, took a shuttle to BART, took BART to a bus and bused myself to work.  I got in roughly an hour later than a 'normal' day.  Crossed the whole state in a morning... Amazing, huh?!