Monday, September 27, 2010

First Apartment - Woot!

Sometimes I feel like my life is on fast forward...  Remember when I said I had started casting about for a place to live in the city (like, 2 days ago)?  Well, found one!!!  Oh, and I move in tomorrow.

You know when you're playing The Sims and you're designing a house without cheats (as in- with no money)?  That's what this apartment is like.  The kitchen is 2 Sim squares by 2 Sim squares.  You probably couldn't open the oven and the fridge at the same time.  The toilet looks JUST like the super-cheap, always-breaking Sims toilet. 

Basically, it's a perfect first-apartment... small, cheap and bare.  And I mean cheap appliances, not cheap rent. 
Sorry for the poor quality... I lifted these from Craig'slist.

I'll do some before and after photos soon (after I nest).     :)
Best part: I GET 5 extra hours per day now (because my commute is a 10 min bus ride from work).... SOOO excited!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'd say it's about time for an update...
So I've been living at home with dad and brutharrr for about a month and a half (I'd tell the story but it's not so interesting).  Here's my little nook...
(photo by brutharrr)

*The rest of my stuff has been in storage since January.

Being at home is at once both relaxing (no rent!) and stressful (5 hours of commuting per day). While I enjoy the antics of dad and brutharrr, I'm excited move closer to work and have been casting about for my own place (seeing things like this have been especially inspiring me). 

In BIGGER news... ;)
I saw this and had to try it for dinner.  Definitely not a combo I would've thought of but I highly recommend it!

Moments where I'm not getting ready for work, heading to work, working, heading home for work or getting ready for bed are few and far between but when I find one, I've been enjoying making cards.  Here's a recent one:

Remember the other day when I said I was gonna get stuff done and relax at the same time?  Well, so far so good.  Dad and I got massages on Friday (amazing, one hour, $30 massages).  Today, I did my 365 truth reading at a coffee shop, edited photos, went to the food-stuff store, made myself lunch for the week (yummy yellow curry), did all my laundry and watched shows with the fam. I can't wait for another fun day tomorrow!  What are your Sunday plans?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where I'm at....

My week:

How I spend my time....


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let them eat (cup)cake(s)!

I don't know about you but certain phrases always have bothered me... like the old saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too."  Nonsense I say!  Allow biggest little to demonstrate...

However, if you reverse it to get "You can't eat your cake and have it too", you've got a phrase that's logical... see?

Interesting side note from Wikipedia regarding the "Let them eat cake" quote: ...there's no evidence that Queen Marie-Antoinette ever uttered this phrase and substantial evidence that she did not.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Podunk - Day 2

On day 2, the girlies spent the morning anthropomorphizing dominopomorphizing inanimate objects.

Then, we went for a hike (A.K.A. a walk in the woods until the balance between enjoying nature and not enjoying small people complaining is tipped in the favor of the latter).

I ended up going back early with the leaden-legged littlest and we had some good quality chatsing time until I apparently became less interesting than Harry Potter.  Le sigh.

The town put on a BBQ for the returning Burning Man festival goers.  You could tell the burners by their feet...

and their rides....
and... well, you could just tell...

I think the little ladies enjoyed the BBQ.....

I liked this little tidbit on the menu.  It really shows you're not in suburbia anymore.

Hope your weekend was great!  And another is almost upon us.  What do you have planned?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Podunk - Day 1

Remember when I said there were no lattes where I was heading? I lied...  Here I am sipping my caffeine (and with wifi to boot)!  Last time I was here, the cafe was only open some of the days (which left me to figure out how many cups of black tea would substitute for two shots of espresso).
Did I mention that the town we're at is a stopping point on the way to and from the Burning Man Festival?  It is SOOOO weird to see 'burners' on their iPads!

First thing we did yesterday was head to the lake to go canoeing....
Do you see anything missing from this picture?

If you said PADDLES, I sure wish you had been there yesterday to tell us before we drove all that way and unloaded!!! Hahaha!
Someone (littlest-little) was real disappointed.... But biggest-little still thought the picnicking was fun.

Next, we were faced with difficult decision:
 Um, NO contest?
Turned out to be neither dismal nor a swamp but we had a good time regardless.

AAaand, biggest-little is a budding photographer!
P.S. If you never hear from me again, it's because my mom KILLED me for posting this but she's just too beautiful!