Friday, July 30, 2010

Excite-o-meter (thru the roof)

Exciting: My grandpa threw the opening pitch for the Giant's game yesterday.
We had to get 19 tickets for the family (and that wasn't even all of us!)

More exciting: that bunch included my mom and the littles (who came all the way up from southern California to be a part of the fun)!  And my brutharrr, too. :)

EVEN MORE EXCITING: Mom & the littles are coming back on Saturday for the girlies first time in San Francisco!  Dontcha worry, pictures will ensue.

AAaaand, seeing friends + a mini-road trip to beautiful Paso Robles this weekend.  Could it get any more exciting?  Yes, with a trek to the DMV! Woo hoo!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giveaway winner!

I love the variety of things people can use blogs for...  They can offer a glimpse into an interesting life like Emery Jo or showcase awesome round-ups like Bleubird and Chelsea (although their blogs are much more than that as well) or provide daily fashion inspiration as Kendi and Second Skin do so well.

And now, joining the ranks, my awesome brother made his very own blog dedicated to sharing his fantastic taste in music.  And I do mean sharing, as he'll send you a mix if you want (how cool is that?)!
 So go show him some love. :)

Now, as for a winner for the tree-themed earring giveaway!

And comment # 3 was.....

Congratulations Angie!!! I'll be contacting you shortly. :)

Thanks for all your comments and don't you worry, I'll do another giveaway soon.

(in case you were wondering, 19 is the number of eligible people when you don't count double-comments as two votes and take out people who commented but don't wear earrings).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I saw the sign (and took a picture of it)

If you've ever had the privilege of navigating the lovely drive between San Francisco and San Luis Obispo, you've probably seen this billboard and wondered (as so many other travelers before you) what, exactly, IS happening in Soledad?
Well, apparently enough people asked that very same question and all these years later they decided to clarify... Behold:
Mystery solved.  They've got a national monument and a mission.  Oh, and don't forget the FARMER'S MARKET.  On Thursdays.  From 5-8.

While we're on the topic of signs not being vague or misleading, this one should really change from this:

to this....

(at least pertaining to me).  I don't know why I keep falling for it and buying one.

In more exciting news, it's not too late to enter my GIVEAWAY.
I'll be randomly picking a winner Sunday night.  Good luck!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

End of the Spectrum

Okay, so we've got a lot to cover today so I'll try to keep it short...
SPEAKING of short- I had to fire my hair from it's current job of making me get up 15 minutes earlier to style it.  Don't worry, its already found new employment... cleaning up the oil spill!  Go hair!  My decision may or may not have been based on watching this lady in this movie (I know, I know, the plot seems like it'd be SOOO morbid.  Trust me, it took many, many recommendations for me to rent it).

SPEAKING of things that have been making me get up a bit earlier recently.... We're at the end of the rainbow here... in multiple ways.  Not only have I run out of new colors (I guess I don't own any pink), it is also the last day of Summer Fashion Week.  Boo!
This has been so much fun, guys!!!  It's seriously been wonderful to be so inspired, both by looking at all your fashion and by having my own cheering squad every day.  It's absolutely made every day 1000x better.  Thanks especially to Emery for being such a great host!
So, thanks for stickin' with me as I traipsed through the spectrum...

You get two outfits today because I dressed up for church* and next on the schedule was playing with my friend's puppy. 

dress- gift from mom
shoes- target
polka dot top - f21?
shorts- thrifted
boots- aldo
hoodie - bunny's in Santa Cruz
*to be honest, I chickened out and didn't actually wear this to church.

And the details....

(I'm posting the silver ring close up because it's one of my favs (thanks mom!) but when I wore it the other day, I forgot to post any close ups of it)
shell ring- gifted
necklace- treat for myself

SPEAKING of treats....
With all the sadness of this being the last day and all, I thought I'd add a silver lining and do a GIVEAWAY!  All you gotta do to enter is leave a comment (with your contact info if necessary).  I'll pick a winner randomly next Sunday night.  The prize? These leaf earrings! That's right, multiple sets of earrings!!!

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday! Don't forget to check out the other lovelies here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flying _____ People Eater

Woooooo! IT'S SATURDAY!!!! You know what that means! I slept in til 7:30. :)

So, with repeated inspiration from Emery and Paige, and the confidence bestowed upon me by all your lovely comments (srsly, thank you all for making my day. Every day), I finally made the headband leap.
shoes- aldo (NOT Target for once)
shorts- Target (doh!)
sweater - thrifted
undershirt - h&m? f21?
headband - f21

Didja notice that background difference?  Of course you did, cuz that's totes what you look for when you come here.  That means I left my house.   I made the drive south and had a fun fam night with my faja and brutharrrr.  The latter of the two was my photographer today and let me tell you.... MUCH better than a tripod.
(There he is!  You can tell we're related cuz we all make the faces)

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend and don't forget to check out the myriad of inspirational ensembles here.

Lastly, a little blast from the past here....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Framed Friday

 Haha! I'm desperately grasping for straws with this title.
I realized two things that off-the-bat don't seem like much but are indicative of larger issues... 'Glacier thoughts' if you will.  Anyhoo, first, I realized that I had forgotten there was a prize for Summer Fashion Week.  That's cuz reading your sweet comments makes me feel like a winner everyday (collective 'awwww').  I feel like my prize is getting to come home and get inspired by the plethora of exquisite fashionsitas.

Secondly, I realized that I left my grey jeans (my favorite pants) that I was planning to wear today at my dad's house last weekend.  'So what?' you say?  Well, my friend, rare is the week that I make it past Tuesday ...who are we kidding... Monday, without wearing them so thank you for motivating me to break out of my shell and go a little crazy these past few days! 

You guessed it Paige and Molly!  I've been working my way through the spectrum and that means today is my favorite color combo (worn so well on The Daily Snapshot earlier this week)... blue and more blue!

top shirt -f21
bottom shirt - h&m
feather necklace - h&m
jeans - wet seal
shoes- target

I love these two rings.  It's hard to see but the silver one has Jeremiah 29:11 on it.
bird ring- Bunny's boutique in Santa Cruz
other ring - church gift shop

And since it's grey out (my favorite color), here's what I'll ACTUALLY look like (minus the silly face)...
jacket- thrifted (found by my best thrifting wingman Michelle... thanks Michelle!)

Happy Friday!  I can't wait to see what everyone else is wearing!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Clever Title Thursday

After you see today's getup, you'll have enough evidence to predict something about tomorrow's outfit.  That's right, there's a method to my madness.  Any guesses?

For today's poses, I was inspired by Katie's monday post where she included her coffee cup as an accessory.  That girl cracks me up!!!  My awesome brother gave me this awesome lunch box (of The Last Starfighter) which I tote around every day.  It's such a conversation starter (I've literally seen guys well up with nostalgia when they see it).

The first pic is so you see what I look like walking down the street everyday.  It's just like that.  Sorry for the lack of smiles.  I assure you there were plenty to be had... they just didn't make the cut.

skirt- thrifted
shirt- h&m
shoes- target
flower - claire's

In other news... Yesterday, someone in my office spontaneously forwarded me a picture of my brain.  Wasn't that sweet?  Let me explain... As the newbie in the lab I'm everyone else's new favorite subject which means that on any given day I may be poking at a computer screen in the dark, having 120 electrodes reading my brain waves or in an fMRI machine getting pictures taken of my lobes.  This picture is from the fMRI scan.

There's my ol' noodle.  Pretty nifty huh?

So happy Thursday!  Head over to Emery Jo's for all the best dressed people you'll see today (Emery looks like a mermaid princess in my opinion)!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Three Bumblebee

I've been told this is sign language slang for 'wow.'  As in,
"Wow, it's already Wednesday!"
"Wow, I can't believe she's wearing those same shoes three days running." (I know, I know, I'm workin' on it)
"Wow, I never noticed that the sign for 'W' is three fingers and Wednesday is the third day of the (work) week."  I'm a dork.
"Wow, someone should let her know it's not bumble-bee day."
"Wow, is that an elephant riding a bike on her necklace?"

Without any furtho ado, sidetracking, tangents, divergences or deflections, here's what I'm wearing on this lovely Wednesday...
necklace & ring - gift from my mamma
shirt - h&m (or f21???)
skirt - thrifted
shoes - target

Now picture this outfit all bundled up and that's probably more what I'll look like today (sad face!)

Thank you to EVERYONE for all your encouragement and day-brightening words!  It really means so much to me.
And Katie, that sheet is actually my 'door' as I have no solid one in the room I moved into.  Kinda convenient for Summer Fashion Week, huh?  It's always been my dream when I have my own place someday to have a photographer's wall (or ROOM!).  Charlotte, we should totally be matchy-matchy!!! And Katy, you could ABSOLUTELY pull off my haircut.  I'm living proof that it works with any hair type.  I think it's a universally flattering style/cut.

If you haven't already, go over to Emery's blog today and check out all the beautiful participants.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twosdays with Rachael

First off, THANK YOU GUYS! There's nothing to make my day like reading all your lovely comments on my lunch break!  You all are so sweet (and fashionable!)

Now, commence day two of Summer Fashion Week.
Don't ask me about those poses....

Striped sweater - thrifted
jeans -wet seal
shoes -target
bag- gift from my mom (kohl's)
earrings - gifted

Let's all take a moment to thank my camera's auto-focus.... NOT. 
I can't wait to see what everyone else is wearing today (click here to find out!)

P.S.  Pistachios.  In omelettes.  Srsly.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Minimalist Monday

Summer? What summer? When people ask me how mine's going, they receive a you're-crazy-sauce look until I register that indeed, we are technically in the middle of the season characterized by sun and vacations, neither of which constitute my days, working as I am in San Francisco.  But I'm not complaining... I love my job, my new city and wearing tights (it's a no-lose situation).

So here's my getup for day one of summer fashion week!  I had many more hopes and dreams for this outfit (like accessories) but this will have to do.  I guess I'll be laying out my clothes in the future so I have more time for creativity....

dress- H&M
shoes- target
tights - ?
earrings- gift from my dad :)

Make sure to check out all the lovely participants by heading over to Emery Jo's blog each day this week.  If you're not already a participant in Summer Fashion week, click here for more info and I STRONGLY encourage you to join in!  It's gonna be so much fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July!

I have not had a single weekend at home in San Francisco for a month now.  But I'm not complaining... I'm getting lots of driving time, which somehow feels like it makes my world bigger.  And family time, which makes my world feel better.  This past weekend, I joined my mom, step-dad, sisters and dog in NearlyFreakinOregon, CA for a semi-camping experience.  They've recently acquired land in this awesome little podunk town about 7.5 hours northeast of San Francisco.

Here are some of the animals I saw...

Here are some of the colors I saw...

Here's what littlest-little did to occupy herself...

(who could resist that face???!)

Here's what biggest-little spent her time doing...
(I taught them how to knit this weekend)

Moki is in HEAVEN catching ground squirrels...
(she broke off her ID tag on the first day so I just put my luggage tag- which had our address of course- on her... smart, huh? Huh?)

Greeting my grandparents who joined us in their mansion-on-wheels...

And, like a good 4th of July, there was plenty of sitting around... (those are my grandparents. I'd love to post a picture of my lovely mother but she reads this blog and would kill me)

These photos are my current favorite of my sisters.  Aren't they just so amazingly beautiful?

What did YOU guys do for the fourth?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's here....

Oh heck yes! Summer is here and that means one thing (well, maaayyybee more than one but)... Summer Fashion Week!

I had a lot of fun participating in the Spring Fashion Week, hosted by the lovely Emery Jo, and I encourage ALL of you to join in! 

Ironically, I'll be dressing more spring-ish than summer-ish as this fashion week finds me in San Francisco (brr! wind!!) with a job (so no short-shorts).  But I'm up for the challenge!
Click here for the details and do join in!