Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick post

More this weekend... when I catch up on some photo editing and can make the post more interesting but basically I want to say...
1. Last week I was living at home, chaperoning my sisters and now I live in San Francisco, have a cubicle (with a skylight) and coworkers.  WHAT?!
2. Every single day feels like an eternity but the past week has flown by faster than Justin Bieber's rise to fame.
3. Thank goodness I overpack as I ended up moving here on JUST WHAT I BROUGHT for visiting my dad and going to my cousin's wedding.  I will probably never kick the over-packing habit after being rewarded so richly this one time...
4. My internship turned into a job because my boss said I seemed enthused to be there often! Yay for enthusiasm!!!! (P.S. My job is doing vision research)
5. I'm so excited to be surrounded by awesome people in a bustling city and yet miss my family too.  I'm a walking juxtapositon of emotions.  I've never felt more surrounded yet lonely, more excited yet afraid, more happy to be single while simultaneously wishing I had someone special to share all these changes with....

More soon!

P.S. This is my outfit for Space Prom our Southern California city put on a few weeks back.  Littlest thought I looked more like a witch than 'space princess.'  Oh well.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Newness and More Newness

Okay, so I'm excited, scared, joyous and freaked out at the same time!
I haven't really blogged about my decision to withdraw from my graduate program on the east coast because I didn't know how to end such an entry.  I could get as far as saying that there were several things I didn't like about my situation that made me question why I was going to spend seven years away from my family for it. 
It was such a big decision and still is so hard to know if I chose rightly.  I've been very goal-oriented for the past few years with such a PLAN for my life, ya know?  As in, focusing on the destination, not the journey.  Anyways, who knows where my destination is but I know the next step in my journey!  I've been praying a lot about this upcoming interview that I just (30 minutes ago) got out of for an internship this summer at a really cool research institute in San Francisco.  Well, I got it!  Oh, and it starts next week!  That's right, I am relocating from beautiful Southern California to San Francisco and I START NEXT WEEK.

Oh, did I mention I got a haircut? Cuz I did.  Chopped it right off.  I was sick of taking more than 30 seconds to style it.
Next thing to deal with: I'm not sure how I'm going to handle not seeing my family every day again though it's quite different being 7 hours away by car versus 6 hours by plane.

Here's to the journey!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Honest Scrap

First off, I am soooo flattered and thankful that Autumn nominated me for Honest Scrap Award.  If you haven't checked out her blog, stop reading right now and go over there.  She's a beautiful girl with a lovely family, an honest heart and writing skills to boot.  How much better could it get?

So, as I understand it, I'm supposed to say a few honest things about myself and then pass on the honor. 

I was stumped about what to write but here goes:
1. I'm addicted to parentheses (but I'm sure you already figured that out).

2. I have a personal vendetta against iceberg lettuce.  This requires you know a small tidbit about me: I am a vegetarian.  I have never eaten meat.  We-ell, I tasted a bite of turkey when I was 8 but other than that...  I'm not vegetarian for health or ethical reasons (though I'm not opposed to either), I was just raised that way and prefer it.  As such, I don't normally have a problem finding food when I go out to eat but I loathe when, upon hearing of my dietary restrictions, someone suggests a salad.  This brings us to iceberg lettuce.  Most restaurants, certainly not all, but most, just load a small plate with iceberg lettuce, 3 cherry tomatoes, a slathering of dressing and call it a salad.  Now I'm not gonna pay $8 for a 'bag of yardwork' - as Jim Gaffigan puts it- that barely fills me up!  If more places made delicious salads like these ones...

Or the ones I make at home....

then I would have no problems....

3. I have a crush on this tree.  I think it's soooo attractive, don't you?  These pictures don't do it justice... it belongs on some kind of tree magazine.

4.  I have old lady hands.  Seriously.  It's gross.

5. I am terrible, just terrible, at taking care of technology.  Please don't lend me any DVDs. They'll end up without cases in the middle of a box of scrap metal.  I kid you not, my car's CD player doesn't currently work because it's FILLED WITH SALT (perhaps you shall hear that story one day).

6. If you type in the words swing jump and fail into YouTube (or probably any search engine) you'll find out why I'm in Failblog's Best Fails of 2009 compilation (here, I saved you all that typing).  Let's just say I learned an important lesson about mixing scarves and swings. 

I would like to pass this on to:

Jessica at Life as I know it
Chelsea at Three Birds
Danielle at Life as a Rainbow

In other news, yesterday I had the opportunity to substitute teach for a 5th/6th grade class.  It felt so good to play teacher and have a more official 'work day.'  I've been doing odd film and photography jobs but there's something so satisfying about going to and then leaving work (as opposed to the constant flow of stuff I could/should be working on that is my life).  Anyways, here's my teacher outfit.

I kept the cardigan on all day because I can't exactly wear a strapless dress to teach but I thought I would share...
Technically, it was a skirt that I wore as a dress (thanks to Chandra over at Modern Day Charm for the idea).  I wish I could've captured how swishy it was. 

Upcoming things I'm excited about:
1. Using my little Ikimono 110 film camera I got from the International Center of Photography's gift store in NYC.  Isn't it darling!?

2. Visiting these friends this weekend.  I'm sure to have lots more photos after Saturday...

3. Going up north to see my dad, brother and other friends as well as getting a haircut!!!

What are YOU guys looking forward to this weekend?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crafty McCrafterson

I thought I'd share my results from attempting Emery Jo's craft idea.
Here's how I did it:
First, I found a children's book that I didn't mind not being able to read anymore (by perusing a used bookstore).  I made sure it was the right size for me cuz if it's too small, it's hard to lay it flat to write in and if it's too big, I wouldn't want to lug it around).  At my mom's suggestion,  I looked online to make sure I wasn't destroying a super old, rare book.

Then I cut blank paper in the right size for each page and stuck it in.  Emery suggests using spray glue which is probably faster but I went with double sided tape.  I popped in a movie and crafted as I watched so it wasn't too tedious.  Also, I didn't do the whole book at once.  I add more blank pages as I get farther on.  Emery points out that you  may need to rip out some pages to make the book thinner.

Since I use mine for 365 truth, I put the daily reading assignment inside the front and back covers.  Though at the rate I've filled it, I'm going to need another one in about a month.  For some reason, having a journal to write my bible musings in makes it more fun to read every day and helps keep me accountable.

I really like this book series because it has different illustrations per short story.  I found another volume to make for my friends birthday present and one of the stories was illustrated by Andy Warhol!

Kids books work well because of the illustrations but as long as it's got pictures, I'll be happy! This is my next undertaking...

What crafts are you guys up to?  If you're doing 365 truth, what helps motivate you to do your readings every day?

P.S. I heard a cool interview on  NPR with the band Frightened Rabbit, so I bought their CD (this is a rare occurrence people!).  They're scottish and don't believe in that whole singing in an american accent thing... swoon!  It's been on repeat for the last 24 hours and I gotta say, so far it's kinda rockin' my socks.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Scene: Curmudgeonly old man is being rung up at Trader Joe's.
(If you don't know what Trader Joe's is... I'm so sorry for you.  It's the best, best food gathering place- or 'grocery store'- in the world.  They're known to hire cool people.  Today was no exception).

Trader Joe's cashier: Hi, how're you today?
Weirdo guy in front of me in line: Fine.   ... I made a UFO in my backyard today.
Cashier: ...
Guy: I'm still working on it being airborne.
Cashier: ...So, let me get this right, you made it yourself?
Guy: Yes.
Cashier: So it's not exactly 'unidentified.'
Guy: Well... I guess not.
Cashier: And it's not able to fly?
Guy: Not yet.
Cashier: So... you basically made an 'O'?
Guy: ...
And then he angrily left.

I love you, Trader Joe's cashier.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Train Your Sisters

Sorry for the lack of posting recently.  My mom and stepdad took a 5 1/2 day trip giving me the opportunity to get a small taste of being a stay-at-home-mom.  I emphasize small because...
1. It was temporary (so they got treats and the like) and
2. They are my sisters, which completely changes the dynamic

I don't know how all you hip moms find time to do this full-time and blog!

Fortunately, I already had a bit of the schedule down as I take them to and from school most days.  The main switch was knowing there wasn't anyone to relieve me in an emergency and not getting to sleep in on Saturday.  I begged them not to wake me before 9 and they tried, they really did.  But biggest-little put her french toast in the microwave and programmed it for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds and then walked away.  Fortunately, littlest-little noticed and awoke me to a horrible-smelling, smoke-filled (but at least still standing) house.
The rest of the day turned out fine as you can see...
It was so lovely out, we lay in the sun (don't worry, I'm not teaching them to sunbathe, we were only out there 5 minutes).  The dog is not ours but it had the same idea.

Then we got Coldstone's and went to a small festival.

Lastly, we saw How To Train Your Dragon.  Seriously, I loved that movie!  I thought it was on par with Toy Story and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  The plot is same-ol'... protagonist wants to fit in, has their eye on a special someone who doesn't give him/her time of day, meanwhile the family is pressuring them to be something they're not and the protagonist finds out that being different isn't so bad, etc.  But in spite of that, I was thoroughly entertained and found myself laughing out loud at some parts while tearing up at others.  The movie has plenty of little quirks that make it unique, like the innocent/wisecracking, self-conscious/a bit cocky main character, 'Hiccup.'  Anyways, check it out! Let me know what you thought of it (here's the trailer).

In other news, through my birthday and winning a giveaway, I've come into some mighty cute jewelry I wanted to share.
From my lovely mother....

From my friend (it's a real shell!)...

From Jessi's giveaway (I'm not the best earring model)...
Jessi, I love this set! I wear it all the time! Thank you.

And lastly, doesn't this look so yummy?!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

a quick post

I will be posting again soon but in the meantime... we found a field on the way home today

Littlest little was NOT down to go traipsing through the itchy grass...
Ha! I love that face.