Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last day in NYC

So Sunday was our last day in the city (because I refuse to count the horrible wake-up-at-4am-to-catch-a-flight-Monday as a real day).
It was raining, which is good as I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever want to come back home.  After one underdressed day in drizzles there, I welcome the California sun.

First off, we went to Ceci-Celas (which, like Saturday's coffee place, was also recommended from this article).  My dad said it was the best cappuccino ever.  He's been searching high and low for a place that makes a dry cappuccino (lots of foam).  I do believe he'd given up hope before we went to Ceci-Cela's (my latte was excellent too, if you were wondering).

Not only was the atmosphere and decor there just darling, the pastries were so beautiful!  That's because it's technically a patisserie, not a coffee shop.

The rest of the day was spent running around to places we wanted to see before leaving, like Times Square and (my dad's personal favorite) B&H, which is the largest non-chain photo and video store in the nation.  I got some colored filters which I'm excited to play around with!  Oh, and dinner.
(the Sephora is in Times Square)

We didn't have time for the MOMA (again!) but we had time for the MOMA gift shop where I got this lovely pin I'm wearing today (see the sun? And the no-jacket outfit? That's cuz I'm back in California).

It's good to be home.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New York City Day 2!!!

First off, this is how I decided to dress myself.

I couldn't resist....

We went to this little cafe called Joe's the Art of Coffee which I read about here.  It did not disappoint with the most delicious (and beautiful) latte as well as a great atmosphere!

As the review says, it is a very small place but since it wasn't coffee-rush time when we got there, we snagged a tiny table.

Then, following the suggestion of a woman on the street, we ate at i tre merli.  With the open air and cute little bar, it felt like I was in a movie.

A few blocks away, we found this adorable little shop! The woman was so kind and her jewelry was awesome!  She told us that she's going to be featured in Allure magazine soon.

We then realized we were late for meeting up with my aunt and uncle so we grabbed a taxi and raced back to the hotel.  All of us went to a photography museum, then the MOMA gift shop (unfortunately, we didn't have enough time for the MOMA itself today).  Then dinner at a fantastic greek restaurant, Ammos Estiatorio.  In all the walking between the aforementioned places, there was plenty of people and animal watching to be had....

And lastly, we saw Wicked!!! (sorry for the poor quality pictures, we weren't allowed to bring our cameras so we used our phones).
At the theater, in the women's restroom, they had a woman stationed there just to point out which stall is open, help hold loose doors shut, etc.  Ha! What a weird job.
The play was great! I read most of the book so there was that familarity and joy of seeing a story come to life in a different medium with the added bonus of the ending being a surprise.  What fun!  But now it's 2am and we have only one more day to pack everything in so off to dreamland I go!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New York City Day 1!!!

So long story short, I decided not to return to graduate school in upstate NY (I will definitely write about that soon...) thus, needed to go back to deal with the stuff I left, including my car.  My dad came with me planning on making it a road trip but it turns out it's cheaper to ship my car!  Since we weren't going to be spending father-daughter time on the road, my dad planned an impromptu visit to New York City!

Look! The pillows have my monogram!

Then central park....

This is dad's dessert....

AND...  finished the day with shopping at the largest H&M I've ever seen!!! I expect my outfits for the next few weeks will include bits and pieces of what I bought today.

The thing about living in NY I'm most jealous of is getting to hear traffic all night.  Nothing makes me sleep more comfortably than knowing other people are awake. 
I'm still down for more suggestions of what to do while I'm here if you've got 'em!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Inspirations

So there's a couple fashion things I hated as a teenager- wait, did I say a couple? There were a lot... but anyways, two I'm going to focus on are glasses and dresses.  Now I can't seem to get enough of them.  Funny how that works.

Glasses- The bigger the better.  Since I wear contacts, I can't figure out how to justify jumping on board this trend but just look how cute they are! 

source for bottom left picture
all else found on weheartit.com

2. The feminine, fitted-yet-loose, often floral dresses I keep seeing are like candy to my eyes...
all dress pictures are from weheartit.com

In other news, I'm getting a last minute surprise trip next week to NYC! I'm SOOO excited! Got any suggestions of where I should visit when I'm there?

P.S. Pictures from my birthday parties (that's right, plural) soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slightly Bitter

You ever notice how some things are better when they're not too pleasant?  Not something awful but something with a bit of a.... bitterness (for lack of a better word) to it.  Like if given the choice between a cup of black coffee or orange juice, I'll usually pick coffee.  It's not that I particularly like the flavor of coffee (I hope I don't offend all the coffee lovers out there) but orange juice just goes down too easy.  It doesn't make me think, it's just too darn pleasant.  I prefer something that makes me aware of it, that has a distinctive presence.

This trend is reflected in all things I actively enjoy: music, books, photography, movies....  Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful songs but too often they go in one ear and out the other.  The music that really sticks with me either has an interesting theme, unusual lyrics or a peculiar voice.   And I always judge a book by it's 'hangover'... that is, how much it affects me over the next few weeks, months or years.  How often I think back on it is usually inversely proportional to it's pleasantness.  That's not to say a book can't be thought-provoking AND pleasant too.

That's why I prefer The Mountain Goats song 'Going to Georgia' over Weezer's 'Island in the Sun.'
That's why I prefer to leave my teabag in my tea until the tea is strong and bitter tasting versus having it be a weak, pleasant flavor.
That's why I like books where the main character does something contrary to what I might do in that situation (to an extent though... I don't enjoy books about people I can't identify with at all).

What about you guys?  Do you notice this too or do you prefer the opposite?  What's your favorite not-unpleasant-but-definitely-distinctive thing?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


As many of you may know, I'm a part of Emery's daily bible reading blog, 365Truth (I can't tell you how amazing it's been to really read the bible.  There's SO much not covered in church).  Anyways, what's been kinda sticking with me for the past week or so is the tenth commandment.  Never before have I given much thought to the flipside of the command.  There's a do as well as the more well-known don't to most of 'em.  When it says "You shall not covet" it is also saying "be happy (or at least content) with what you have."  Obviously, this sparked thoughts about what I covet, what I feel content with and what the difference is between the two.  I don't mean to flog the dead horse with talk of body image issues but like a lot of girls, I feel such a constant, nagging feeling of discontent with myself.  Like men supposedly think about sex every 7 seconds, I bet a lot of women think about their body nearly as often.  

And one of the things I am content with is my photography (I hesitated to even put this in here for fear of sounding like I'm tooting my own horn which, I assure you, is not my intent). While I do tend to look back on old photos I've taken with a critical eye, I am nearly always happy with my current stock.  Why am I able to give myself a pat on the back in one area and not another?  I know I'm just as far from being the best photographer as I am from being the most beautiful (or skinny or perfect-haired, etc) girl yet I allow myself such unequal leniency.  

At 6 feet in high school, I was profoundly uncomfortable trying to get Limited Too tees to cover my stomach (thank you, God, for the long shirt style becoming popular).  Looking around at all the petite, shorter girls, I had this ideal of what I wanted to look like and spent copious amounts of time, effort and thoughts on achieving that.  My constant though concerning what I would eat or how much I would exercise was, "I don't want to look back on my photos in five years and say I was always fat as a teenager."   Well, let me tell you, five years later, I don't look back on those photos and think what a waste I wasn't more in shape, I think what a waste how much time I spent on thinking about my weight.  

But something is changing.  The more time I spend with God, the more time I focus on my friends, the more time I just live my life, I find I have less and less time to obsess over what I'm not.  My prayer is that when I look back on this time in five years, I will remember it as the beginnings of contentment. 

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great easter! We sure did!!!

(yes, that's a shrink-wrapped star wars egg)

(ugh, the right photo is blurry but I just love her hair in it so much)...

P.S. Isn't that field of flowers at the top the best?!  I'm hoping to take the girls there for pictures before the LA smog kills all those pretty flowers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The End of An Era

Well, maybe not quite that dramatic but you know what I mean... It's the last day of Spring Fashion Week (oh, and Easter too)!
I gotta type quickly as we're supposed to leave for church in 3 minutes!!!
Guys, this has been really, really fun.  Thanks everyone who participated (either by commenting, posting or both) and a HUGE thanks to Emery for hosting it!
While today may mark the end of me propping my camera up on my dumpster to take awkward poses in front of my garage, I hope it marks the beginning of keeping in touch with the lovely ladies who took part in this with me and putting a bit more effort into my outfit even if it's a comfy Saturday.
I've really enjoyed looking at and being inspired by everyone's outfits.

white shirt - f21
undershirt - from lulus in SLO
skirt- kohl's
necklace - claire's
tights - longs
shoes - target

Oh and Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Fashion Week Saturday!

Wow, only 1 day left, I've never  been sad that it's a Saturday before!
Thanks again, so much, to Emery for hosting this Spring Fashion Week.  Don't forget to check out the other participants and their great fashion here.
This outfit is absolutely not springy but I've been waiting to wear this skirt!

skirt - f21
shirt- from moxy in Riverside
shoes- target
necklace- thrifted
bow- claires?

This is what my dressed themselves in yesterday! Aren't they fashionable?
This is littlest's star wars pose (did I ever tell you they're obsessed with Star Wars? Well they are... it's like little-Rachael and Grease!)
What was your childhood obsession?

I hope you all have a great Saturday! Anyone dyeing eggs?

Friday, April 2, 2010


That's right, Thank Goodness It's Spring Fashion Week Friday!
But omigosh! That means there's only 2 more days, I can't believe how fast this week has gone!  Check out all the lovely outfits here!

Seriously, thanks so much for all the comments and kind words!  It really makes a difference ya know?  I was in dire need of some shorts so I was out and about shopping when it came down to a practical darker pair or... pink shorts.  I almost, almost went with the practical but then I remembered all you guys and your adorable and fun outfits so I went with pink.  I think pink'll be much more fun don't you? There's a whole lifetime for practical colors right?

Now that I look at these photos, I can't even tell that I'm wearing two tops... a spaghetti with a tiny jacket.  Black on black + low lighting = oh well I guess.

Many of you said a hair thing with a necklace wouldn't be too much... here's me trying it out!  I guess it would be better if they matched or something?  Or would that be awful?

tiny jacket - tag says Kscion
spaghetti strap (lucky lulus in SLO)
shorts- target
shoes - target
necklace - american eagle outfitters
bow - claire's or icing?

Story #2 (hopefully more exciting than the previous one): Last night, I went to an art walk downtown.  I almost forgot to check the basement of this one coffee shop to see if they had any new art up and boy am I glad I checked!  I was just milling, like you do, and then bam, I saw a picture of a dog made from ripped up scraps of paper glued back together.  (I know, I know, you're thinking this is not deserving of a 'bam' but just you wait...) At that very same moment I had a vague memory of seeing that particular dog's butt glued on.  Turns out it was my sister's art!  I remember her teacher showing it to me and gushing.  She said I couldn't take it home because they were going to 'show it' somewhere.  I thought they meant an open house not an art auction!  So I need you to cross your fingers and say a little prayer that I bid higher than all the other ripped-up-and-put-back-together-paper-dog-art lovers out there!  (All this while my other sister, the littlest sister of all, has been trying to save up $80 by selling her art to us for $1 a piece!)
Here's a snapshot I took with my phone just in case we never see it again....
P.S. Katie, Santa Cruz is a GREAT place to shop.  Technically, the store is called "Bunny's Too" and yes, it's a boutique.  Kinda the SC equivalent of that boutique Therapy in SLO.  I also highly recommend Kurios as well as the ones on this list I just found.   If you end up going, get pizza from Engfer's and sugar cookies from The Buttery (oooh! I melt!)
P.P.S. I used to live in the SLO area also!  I hope you're enjoying it thoroughly for me.  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fashion Week Day 4!!!

Wow! It's already Thursday.  It's not too late to join our spring fashion week- here are the rules for entering (the winner gets $100 for modcloth.com).  At least go check out the other lovely ladies and their inspirational fashion here.  I fretted over wearing this as I've only posted one outfit before fashion week and it was essentially this one.  But I then I decided not to cut out my favorite dress just because of that!

I guess this was a no smiling day...
This might've looked better with colored tights but I've only got black ones.
Also, I thought this outfit looked bare without a necklace but didn't know if pairing a necklace AND a semi-big hair decoration would be too much.  What do you think?

dress - ross (7 freakin' dollars!)
cardigan - Bunny's (santa cruz, ca)
shoes - charlotte russe (I think)
flower - icing