Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Casual Wednesday

I was inspired by Katy's tuesday outfit.  That flannel just looked so cozy!

I think I subconsciously meant to cut my shoes out of 3/4s of these pictures.  I've never been much of a shoe person in that while I like other people's shoes and think it's nifty to have my own pair, I never seek out much of a variety in my closet.  They just always seem so expensive which is silly as my rule of thumb is the longer I get to go without washing something, the more I'll pay for it.  That 'handwash only' shirt?  Not unless it's on sale.  Semi-expensive jeans? Sure!
The second problem with shoes is I never know if I'll like them at the end of the first week.  But then days like this come around when I have several ideas of what would work with my outfit and no such shoes in my closet.  Maybe I should take the risk more.

Most everything in this outfit was thrifted or I forgot where it's from...
belt- kohls
shoes - target
flannel- thrifted
necklace - thrifted
tank - maybe mervyn's?
skirt - probably pac sun?
shoes - target

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 2

And onto day two of Spring Fashion Week.  It's not too late to join if you're still interested... you get a point every day that you participate. :)
Thanks so much for all the kind comments yesterday, I loved hearing back about your preferences!

I'm including a close up of the necklace because I've had people tell me that from a distance, it looks like a skull.  It's really two little girls (maybe Russian? Maybe sisters?).

jacket - F21
shirt - Bunny's (in Santa Cruz)
skirt - american eagle outfitters
necklace - Rob's vintique (in Riverside)
boots - aldo
Look who decided to jump in!

And here are a few of my favorites (so far) from my recent trip to visit my friends....

Aren't they just so photogenic?

Monday, March 29, 2010

What to wear after a spinal tap

I'm participating in Spring Fashion Week hosted by Emery (and everyone else should too)!   I couldn't quite decide how to wear my shirt...  What do you think? Tucked or not tucked?

shirt & cardigan - Bunnys (in Santa Cruz)
shorts - Mervyn's
shoes - Charlotte Russe
necklace - Kohl's

I know, I know, this isn't a very exciting outfit but I was going for comfort as I just had a spinal tap a few days back.  Yeah, it's been a crazy week.  

So normally when I'm hired for event photography, it's for a wedding.  On Tuesday, it was for a funeral.  I know! Crazy right? I did NOT seek it out, it was one times when I felt like God put me in a particular place at a particular time and I ended up finding out that someone was in need of a photographer for a dad's funeral at the same time they found out that I did photography.  Anyways, I am NOT cut out for taking pictures at a funeral... it's way to hard for me to see so many sad people.  

Why I had a spinal tap:
I had a bit of a headache on Wednesday morning before I got on a plane for San Jose but by the time I landed, it was way worse.  I didn't move too much during the day and tried to get some sleep.  I failed.  I slept terribly all night and by the next morning I wasn't able to lift up my head without spasms of pain.  To pick out cereal, I had to reach up and grab a box and hold it low so I could see if it was the right kind.  My dad ended up deciding to come home from work to take me to a clinic but we both were nervous as I unfortunately have no health insurance while on leave from grad school.  The clinic was worried it was meningitis so they sent us to the ER.  By this time, I was having a hard time walking as it jostled my head too much and send throbbing pain throughout my skull.  Once inside I quickly got whisked away into my own room as they were worried about me being contagious.  Everyone (myself included) had to wear masks.  Some morphine, a CAT scan and a spinal tap later, they diagnosed me with sinusitis of my sphenoid sinus cavity.  The next day, I felt so much better, I drove over to Santa Cruz with my brother.  I began feeling poorly so I came home and tried to rest but that evening my dad and I had to film a wedding rehearsal.  Then all day Saturday was spent filming the actual wedding.  By Sunday I was feeling terrible again.  Now I'm mending but it's so hard to keep off my feet.... and I'm having SUCH a hard time getting over the feeling of my back being so violated though I know it was necessary. 

AND THAT'S WHY I am not wearing a very exciting outfit.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Soon, my pets

I'll be back soon, I promise.  These past few days have been so crazy busy for me but I did want to just say congratulations to Autumn for winning the giveaway against overwhelming odds! ;)
Autumn, let me know which of the prizes you'd like and I'll get that rolling.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The tooth fairy pays a visit on Saint Patrick's

I hope everyone had a great Saint Patrick's day! We sure did....
We had green cupcakes...

Green nails (and some yellow too)...

Green eggs (ham too, but it wasn't photogenic)...

and since it was a holiday, littlest lost her tooth!  So far, she has always lost her teeth on holidays.  We'll just see how long she can keep that up...

I think she was happy to trade.
Enter my give-away if you haven't already by leaving a comment here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Yay Fors...

Hmmm.... maybe I should just make this into a Monday feature?
This week, yay for...
1. Yay for cool staircases!

2. Yay for trees and branches in houses!

source is here

3. Yay for dreaming...

source: sumasiapa

4. Yay for waiting with no shoes

5. And yay for awesome kids
source is here

(this is my photo of biggest little sister fist bumping for the first time)

(also my photo, this is littlest little sister being her somber self a few years back)

(All photos not linked to sources are from

In other news, spring fashion week is coming up! It was so fun to watch some of my favorite bloggers post an outfit-per-day for fall fashion week and I'm excited to maybe participate this year if I can pull together enough outfits worth posting.  Here's the link, Emery Jo is hosting it and I think everyone should join!

Speaking of things to join, check out my give-away here and just add a comment to be entered into the drawing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Answers To Questions

I recently had a lifelong question answered.  Namely, when people talk about your core temperature, how deep is this core?  Apparently, it's the temperature of the lining of your organs.  Now onto more pressing matters such as:  is there a grace period for carpool lane time limits on days when the clocks change (and it's a weekday)?  Do prescribed medicine doses account for all the medicine that clings to the sides of the little dosage cup?  Why do our noses and ears keep growing? Is it possible to sneeze in your sleep?  Why does honey kill babies?  

I suppose I could just google these things but where's the fun in that?  

SOOOOooo, for the giveaway, the winner can pick from two choices:
1. I used to make necklaces out of little bottles but the bottles are harder and harder to come by because people use the bottles for drugs, or so I've been told,  and so many of the manufacturers shut down.  I just had the good fortune of finding two more little bottles and I'd be happy to turn one of them into necklaces for someone if they're interested.  If you'd like, I can make print a tiny copy of whatever note you'd like inside.
Here's the necklace I made for myself (with my favorite note). 

Here are the bottles I'm in the process of transforming... (I'd take off the stickers and clean them out of course)

AAANnnnd, I can string on this locket too, if you'd like.

2. Choice #2 any ONE of these photographs in any of the following sizes: 4x6, 6x9, 8x12, 10x15 or 12x18

Here's how it works, in the comments below leave a burning question you have unanswered in your life or the answer to one of mine and I'll pick a person at random next Sunday at 9am (PST).  If you absolutely cannot think of a question or answer, just tell me your favorite moment this week.

P.S.  Older of the little sissies got sick this week... Doesn't she look so sad?

Just kidding, she's having a blast staying at home.  BTW, she wanted to be near the heater if you're wondering why we would make a sick kid lay on the hardwood floor....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New dress

I love seeing the outfits of Emery Jo, Kendi Everyday and ThisTimeTomorrow, so here's my Sunday outfit last week.  Maybe I'll try smiling next time. Maybe.   

And because it's your lucky day, here's a sleeping littlest sister to satisfy your cuteness-cravings....

Is anyone up for a giveaway?  I think about 3 people ever read this blog so you'd have a good chance. :) But it'd be embarrassing if no one even responded so I wouldn't want to do it if there's no interest. Let me know!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Feature

I love Sunday features on other people's blogs so I thought I'd do one of my own.  And yes, today is totally Sunday, your calendar must be wrong (shhhhh). 
This week, yay for....
1. Yay for cool houses

2. Yay for summer love

3. Yay for hidden places

4. Yay for puns (this is a laundry bag)!!!! 

5. Yay for fields of flowers

6. Yay for my sisters!!!

The last two pictures I took, the laundry bag is from and the others are from

Side story #1: A few days ago I heard a boy say, "Mommy! Mommy! This is my first time on a bridge!!!" while on the walkway between the parking garage and the mall.  That made me pause.

Side story #2: Recently, I kept hearing a clicking which reminded me of my jumping beans which I thought were freezing in storage in NY.  I chalked the clicking up to my space heater (let's not get caught up in talking about why, having just come from upstate NY, I need a space heater in California... in March).  While looking for something else, I found my jumping beans!  I was immediately saddened to see one had already hatched inside of the little plastic box (and so probably suffocated or died of starvation).  

Then it fluttered! 
The little guy had JUST hatched!  If I hadn't been searching for something else, they all would have died in the box.  I took them outside and snapped some pictures of the first hatcher.  Kinda creepy looking.

And lastly, I recently went on a mini-photosesh with my friend trying to spot out good locations for family pictures (I've got a couple gigs lined up!).  Here's a photo she took of me....