Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rules, rules, rules

My dad just found this old sign I made for my room and it gives me a chuckle.
Shows how much I needed control, at least in that house, what with boxes being 'tossed in' and pets taken out.
I especially love rule #3... "All signs and rules in my room must! be obeyed."
 As if someone would change their attitude after getting to that one.


This summer, while between moves, my grandparents were kind enough to let me store some of my stuff at their place.  I accidentally left a box behind and my grandpa mailed it to me thinking it was just some clothes and what-not (which was the top layer).  Turns out it was actually filled with my special tea set that my grandma and I had vintaged, each cup and saucer at a time as well as my crystal vase from my other grandmother and a few other fragile things.  Everything was wrapped well enough to make a car trip but not being shipped and consequently, all but one of the cups and saucers were broken.  I was so sad.
Well, when my dad was visiting my aunt over break, he told her about this and she mailed me a bunch of heirlooms from my other grandmother who passed away a few years ago.  My dad bubble-wrapped them super well of course!  I just got the box today and look what treasures there were!



Now I have no idea what to do with them all.  Guess I need some sort of china cabinet and guests!

In other news, I've joined a read-the-bible-in-a-year blog group and it's so cool! I've never been so excited to read my bible before.  I'm excited for what this year will bring and the plans He has for me.
Just when I was wondering if I fit into the 365 truth community, Emery sent me a wonderful email that made my day, asked me some questions and featured me.  Now people are leaving all these nice comments and I know this will be something I can come back to when things are getting rough, in any area of my life, to inspire me.
Also, my small group starts on Thursday night... woo hoo!