Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow & Opportunities

Today, snow fell on me.  I haven't been snowed on since I was little.  Like maybe 9.

I've been trying to save on my energy bill by not heating the house.  It was suggested yesterday that I go ahead and unplug the fridge to save even more energy since probably the same temperature in my kitchen as it is inside the fridge.  Maybe it IS time for the heater when you can see your breath during dinner.

In other news, I saw that the university's journal was asking for submissions for poems, photography, short stories, etc.  I submitted three pictures and lo and behold, all three were accepted.  I was invited to the reading of it (tonight) and was asked to give a few word about my pieces.  Of course, it was awkward as all poop and I turned bright red (I later realized that this was my first time using a microphone).  I think I somehow ended up calling Toph lazy and saying that the downturn in the economy didn't affect me- though I assure you in both cases my intentions were well meant.

But afterwards, the editor of the journal asked me to be the staff photographer (picks the photos for the journal, takes some photos, etc).  Woo hoo! It's pretty low-key which means I can fit it into my schedule and it's a glorious break from studying.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ah, my first blog.  I am inspired to partake in such an endeavor by Emery Jo, who has such inspirational and beautiful posts.

Unfortunately, my test was on the same day as my presentation.
Fortunately, they moved it to the next week.
Unfortunately, people complained and they moved it back to the original date
Fortunately, people complained and they moved it back to the next week.

I can't believe I'm so excited about having more time to study. Oh, what grad school will do to you!

Speaking of things I'm excited about... SNOW! Yes, yes, I'm from California, I don't know what I'm in for and I'll be hating the snow by February. I've heard that so many times.... How about letting me enjoy it while I'm still naive? Or maybe, just maybe, I'll be like those people who chose to live out here for a reason and actually love it!

As for my blog title, it's a little snippet of lyrics from The Mountain Goats, the greatest band known to humankind. Specifically from the song, "Minnesota."

******* (CAUTION: awkward blog-style stuff to follow) *********

I chose it for my blog title because it's how I always feel when I look back on my life so far . When something is easy and fits together with no problem like lincoln logs, it's not so impressive.

If, on the other hand, something is made of parts that seem as if they'll never go together but somehow make something complete, I'd say it's gloriously arranged.

Not like I'm getting an inflated ego, mind you. I don't think I owe myself ANY credit for any glorious arrangment in the my life department. In fact, if it was handled my way, I doubt I'd have half the wonderful things in my life that I have right now. Often I get on a track that I determine is WHAT I NEED and I somehow always NEED IT IMMEDIATELY. Thank God (literally) that He will step in and STOP me from getting my wish while always revealing why it wasn't the right thing shortly after.

Maybe I'll learn to trust and wait more. Ha.

Enough bloggy ranting.